How To Wear Midi Skirts And Dresses

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Tips On How To Look Great Wearing Midi Length Skirts And Dresses

The latest style for skirts and dresses this season is to wear them midi length. The midi skirt or dress is one which ends somewhere mid-calf, below your knees. At Fashion Tips we think that this kind of style is something that a girl needs to get comfortable with, i.e. she needs to feel that wearing this style of skirt is something that will look attractive, and not make her feel frumpy. Also, what should be worn with this style of skirt? Should you go for the gathered style of midi skirt which hints at a retro 50s or even 70s look or for the classic pencil skirt style? These are questions which need answers and we have some of them for you right now, so read on.

Keira Knightley wearing a lemon pleated midi skirt

Should You Wear Your Top Tucked In Or Out With A Midi Skirt

Our advice would be if you are wearing a gathered or pleated midi skirt, then your top should be fitted rather than loose. It should be either tucked into your waistband or tied at the waist like Keira Knightley's where she looks fabulous wearing a pleated midi skirt with sandals and a satchel bag. If you were to wear a loose top or jacket, this would leave your figure without any definition. With a pencil style midi skirt, looser tops and jackets can be worn. Just follow the guideline that you should always avoid wearing two separates which are both loose or baggy.

How Long Should You Wear Your Midi Skirt?

Make sure you choose the right length of skirt or dress. If you are petite then look for a midi skirt which falls just below the knee. If you are taller then you can wear the midi skirt longer with the hemline being around your mid-calf.

Victoria Beckham wearing a lemon midi dress with hemline detail and court shoes

What Sort Of Shoes Should You Wear With Your Midi Skirt?

Victoria Beckham looks great in this pale lemon midi dress which has a pencil style skirt with hemline detail. Her dark stiletto court shoes add length to her legs, and the dress finishes just below her knees. Although Victoria is not extremely petite, being around five feet, six inches in height, the simple court shoe style elongates her legs. For some 1950s inspired glamour, choose a gathered mid skirt, with perhaps a tulle underskirt, and team this up with kitten heels and a crisp, white blouse.

Iman wearing a bold, glamorous outfit with a silk midi pencil skirt

How To Wear The Midi Skirt For A Glamorous Evening Look

Iman looks great wearing a patterned, floral pencil style midi skirt in a silk fabric. For evening wear, look for midi skirts made from rich fabrics in bold colours. Iman has carried off a pretty bold look here, but it suits her - remember that she is around five feet, ten inches and bold colours and styles suit her. For a more refined evening style, look for a midi pencil skirt like Angelina's, which has a glamorous split up to the thigh. Both of these midi skirts are being worn with waist cynching belts which helps create an hourglass shape.

Angelina wearing a black midi pencil skirt with side split

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